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Find your vision in the silence of the desert 
from 03.10.2023 to 13.10.2023

Khamlia - Merzouga - Erg Chebbi - Morocco

I am an earth guardian. I can feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth, her immense love, her elemental power and her birth into love. We humans can help her by remembering that love is the highest frequency. Every loving, self-loving heart is a shining pearl in the grid that spans the earth.

The vision quest can purify you, show you your gifts into a self-determined life. You are a gift.

The desert has changed my life. It has called me and I have followed this call. Not only the beauty and clarity of the desert changed me, but especially the simple life of the Berbers.

MBarak comes from the wandering Berber people. His grandfather stuck his walking stick in the ground here on our site and settled down. He exchanged the long wandering through the desert for a roof over his head, a warm place by the fire, and fed on what Mother Earth gave him. This feeling of home we would like to pass on to you. Finding home in your own heart and the silence and the vastness of the desert, the simplicity support you in it

MBarak is a musician. The Gnaua music has black African roots and served and serves the trance of self-healing. In this ceremony (Leila) the instruments tune into the dancing body. This wordless and intuitive understanding will also support you in your processes.

The desert spreads its arms and you can let yourself fall deeply, relax and find your primal trust again. The heaviness will fall away from you, lightness will move in. I cordially invite you to my soul home. You are welcome, warmly welcome.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to unconditionally follow the voice of your heart?

We welcome you to the journey into the desert and to yourself.


What will happen?



Departure from Casablanca approx. 23.00 o'clock
Arrival in Errachidia approx. 0.30 a.m. Pick up from the airport, welcome in our caravanserail, a warming meal



Morning meditation
First circle
Arrival in the desert
Short hike to the sunset



Meditation; breakfast; hike into the dunes accompanied by MBarak; lunch in the open air in the desert in the shade of date palms. A place where women used to gather to cook cous-cous together.
There we will rest and enter into silence. The evening will end around the fire.



Meditation, breakfast; in a large circle we will discover your gifts and formulate your vision. After lunch the day will be spent in silence. The inner voice can find its expression in writing, painting or creatively staged.
Dinner and overnight stay in the caravanserail.


Meditation; breakfast, ride with the camels to the oldest oasis. These four days in the silence of the desert will calm your troubled heart.
A reconnection to the original source, to your own power center, your connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky. The beauty and silence of the desert, the vast vistas, the warmth, the sun's rays, thousands of twinkling stars in the night sky, all this will awaken your true nature.
During the silent retreat you will be sheltered and cared for around the clock.
On the last evening at camp we will light a fire, enjoy delicious food, dance, sing and drum and celebrate life together with the Spirits.


In the early hours of the morning we will ride the camels back to the caravanserail and indulge in a feudal breakfast and in the great circle conclude the vision quest and give birth into the world.


The day to end, a visit to our friend Yachur in the bazaar, a visit to the luxury hotel with swimming pool, a trip to the big market in Rissani for souvenirs and in general to be enchanted by the oriental scents.



We will take you to the airport in Errachidia early in the morning and see you off.
These are the rough cornerstones for your vision quest and your stay in the desert.

Your investment for this vision quest in the desert is 1.198,00 Euro.

This includes all costs for your stay, food, camel trekking (there and back) and airport transfer.

Who still books to 31.12.2022 saves 100,00 euro: Early Bird price 1.098,00 euro

We ask you to read the conditions of participation in advance.
If you have any questions, please contact us directly via the contact form.

Translated with DeepL

Registration takes place on our website:

The retreat takes place from 5 participants. If the vision quest does not take place at this time for reasons of our own or force majeure, we will postpone it.

The time has come for us to stand together in a circle, hold hands, breathe deeply and let the wonder of this beautiful earth touch us. Feet firmly planted in the warm sand, blue sky and sun overhead, until everyone feels the beauty of their own heart and sees it in the other. Love kindles love. Welcome.

MBarak Elboukhari & Zaida Karnowski

This journey into the desert is a journey to ourselves,
to the song of our soul.
To our roots and the old roots of the nomadic paths,
who we will visit in their desert camp for a few days.
Be still, listen, feel, feel...

Soaring ancient chants as we become receptive to the timeless moment, dancing on the warm sands...

... step through a portal into our true and beautiful being here on earth.
And true means true: all parts are welcome and find their place.
This is how peace is created in and with us.

What we will and will not do - the space where the magic unfolds

We will both immerse ourselves in attunements and sessions together, as well as be together in the special, ancient force field of the circle. In the times in the circle, we will mostly focus on thatEntrust flow. There will be enough space for you to be alone.Free flow and focus.

In the circle we share what moves us, listen to each other, and I will work there with what is on it. ...To leave old entanglements behind us and come into our original strength... To carry the song of our soul into the world. Through our presence in the body, the new age is born. Here we create space to let our frequency, the songs of our soul, flow into our consciousness and our body. Here in this retreat is the wide space to give yourself completely - to you, the earth, the cosmos and life.

Basic elements are:
  • dance

  • Movement

  • breath

  • elementary perception

  • Singing, rhythm, music

  • consciousness and soul presence

  • lineage healing

  • lineups

  • voice and expression

  • Balancing the nervous system, body and energy field in the Cosmic Earth Dance


In the morning:

Attunement with all senses: connection with the elements through touch. Silent sunrise tea: arriving in the here and now as the steam rises into the sky. Being close to the source of being and our soul. Greet and receive the warmth of the sun's fire. Breathe, ground, dance in dreams. awake dancing…

At evening:

We indulge in stories. Rewrite our history. Telling of the divine and the world, with words, silence, songs and dance. We let ourselves be surprised by the mysteries that may await us on these desert nights under a starry sky where our souls join in the sound. Here we remember our original nature and gifts, and while we are humanly at home in the circle of soul mates, our magical path awakens in the sparkling stillness of the night beneath our feet.

PROCEDURE of the retreat:


1 day
  • Arrive midnight at Errachidea Airport and drive to the Caravanserai

  • Midnight soup

  • Brunch with Berber Breakfast & Omlettes

  • Attunement, arrival and getting to know each other

  • Dinner & Introduction to the Berber tradition 


2 day
  • Session – presence and breath

  • Breakfast

  • Circle – Flowing together with body and soul: Cosmic Earth Dance

  • Lunch

  • Immerse yourself in your time

  • Dinner

  • Circle: Become still in the stillness of the desert


3rd day
  • session

  • Breakfast

  • Circle - frequencies, soft, loud and intermediate tones - we listen to the sound of our voices and the soul in them. Mirroring, resonance and perception.

  • Lunch

  • Medicine Walk in the desert

  • Dinner

  • Immerse yourself in your time


4th day
  • session

  • Breakfast

  • Circle

  • Lunch

  • Immerse yourself in your time

  • Dinner

  • soul song

Day 5 Desert journey with camels to the camp

In the days in the desert campwe will plunge into timelessness. In this room the gates of mystery open as if by themselves. You can completely surrender to your own flow and rhythm, meet yourself deeply in the sacred space that lives within you - or be in community by the fire, drink tea and sing, tell stories, listen and celebrate life. Take what YOU and YOUR soul need in terms of nourishment, everything is there in abundance. I guard the room.

  • Breakfast 

  • session

  • Preparation for the desert camp (please bring a small backpack that you can carry yourself)

  • Arrival by camel

  • Arrive at the camp, walk over the dunes, contemplation and silence

  • Dinner

First night desert camp
6th day
  • meditation sunrise

  • Breakfast

  • Circle

  • Lunch

  • Free time

  • Campfire Dinner & Drumming  

Second night desert camp
7th day
  • session

  • Breakfast

  • Dreaming in the desert

  • Lunch

  • Celebration

  • Dinner

  • Music

Third night desert camp
8th day
  • Breakfast

  • Abritt 

  • Arrival at the caravanserai

  • Lunch

  • Circle: harvest and honor the fruits

  • Dinner

  • At the campfire: Night of stories and sounds - conclusion under the stars

9th day

In the morning at 4.00 a.m. on March 31, 2023 we leave for the airport. 

  • 540 euros overnight stay and full board in the caravanserail-khamlia in traditional Berber tents (which means a cozy camp in a small community), including 3 overnight stays in the desert camp including camel ride.

  • 888 euros seminar costs

  • Total 1,428.00 euros (Early Bird until 01/31/2023 1,317.00 euros)

  • incl.: Transfer costs from and to Errachidia airport


  • excl.: Flight to Cassablanca and then from Cassablanca to Errachidia.


The retreat takes place from 5 participants and 23 can travel with you.

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