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Where are you exactly?

Khamlia is a small community where the Gnaua Village is located and many Gnaua musicians live there. 

Merzouga is about 8 km away and is a popular desert village with many cafés and shopping facilities. The next bigger town is Erfoud and about 45 km away. 



Your identity card or passport must be valid for 6 months at the time of entry. The passport is automatically stamped with a visa for 90 days. If you enter with a camper van, you must also leave with it. 


How do I get there?

The nearest airport is in Errachidia and is not served daily from Casablanca by Air Royal Maroc. Our pick-up and drop-off times are coordinated with Air Royal Maroc flights. The domestic flight from Casablanca to Errachidia 

costs about 100 Euro there and back. 

Casablanca can be reached via various airlines. Currently there are direct flights to Casablanca > Errachidia by Air Royal Maroc via Frankfurt. 

The flights are currently mostly overpriced and we therefore recommend booking for the festival in March 2024 only from the beginning of 2024. 


Do I have to sleep on the floor?

No, you do not have to sleep on the floor! The Berber tents are sturdily built and will be equipped with comfortable mattresses, as well as a place to store your clothes and a table and seats. The tents will each be equipped for 5 people, or smaller Berber tents for two people. 


Sanitary facilities 

We will have toilets and showers with hot water. For the outdoor area we will build compost toilets. 


What will we have to eat?

We will set up a catering service that will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Elboukhari family and women from the village will cook for us there. It will be taken into account that most people eat vegetarian food and there will be many delicious dishes without meat, like cous-cous or tajin and many more.

You can also get fresh fruit and vegetables on site. Water, tea and biscuits will be available for you at all times. 


How will the programme work?

The Earth Rebirth Celebration will begin on Sunday, 03.03.2024 at 10.00 a.m. with a large circle and opening ceremony. In the evening Mitsch Kohn will take us on a musical journey into our hearts. The festival goes until Wednesday. the 06.03.2024 with open end. 

The complete programme will be announced in time. You can find the artists and their offers on our website. 

Here we would like to thank all the artists who trust in our reputation and our cause: To celebrate a great festival for Pachamama, for our Mother Earth and to thank her. For this, they are willing to fly to Morocco and perform without pay. 


What else is there?

From our place you can see the big sand dunes and already a few hundred metres away from our place you can walk barefoot in the sand. If you want to go on a longer hike into the desert, you should arrange this with MBarak, who will be happy to accompany you, or we will offer it in the programme. 

Behind our house there is a dried out river bed with trees and bushes. A good place to rest or go for a walk. 

In Khamlia there is the Café Nora with a view of the dunes and delicious drinks and the legendary Berber pizza.


What if I want to stay longer?

We are planning to organise a round trip through Morocco after the festival. Details are still to be announced, but it is certain that we will travel through the Great Atlas Mountains, visit the city by the sea Essaouria and end the trip in Marrakech. Please contact us if you are interested. 


Is there internet?

We will have wifi at our caravanserail. For larger data volume there is Wifi in all cafés, e.g. in Café Nora or in the cafés in Merzouga.

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