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Golden Sky over the desert

Earth Rebirth Celebration II Marokko 
03. – 10.03.2024

Khamlia - Merzouga - Erg Chebbi - Marokko


Everything is ready for you.

You're welcome. Merhaba.

MBarak Elboukhari & Zaida Karnowski

Impressions by Romana Liason from our beautiful Earth Rebirth Celebration in March 2023.









This goes out to everyone who loves music, makes music and wants to celebrate a wonderful festival for healing the earth with us.


MBarak is a Gnaoua musician and I am an earth guardian.

We serve with these qualities. We love the earth, which for us is a living being, a soul, a spirit.

Together with you and many people we want to give our heart and our vision to the nature and the whole universe at this very special place and time.


It is the greatest wish and vision of our life to bring together the music of the Gnaoua and the music of our friends, so that we all we can sing together in one voice, dance with our arms reaching to the sky and feel our hearts beat as one.

This is our contribution to delight the heart of Pachamama, our wonderful planet.


We have prepared the Karawanserail for you.

We have been waiting for you since the beginning of our vision: to sing and dance with you under the great firmament, under thousands of stars, around a huge fire. Until we hear the heartbeat of Pachamama and answer her with our drums.


Do you feel the breath of the sun, the sand under your feet, can you smell the desert and feel the wind on your skin? Do you hear the call ?

You are welcome, welcome. Merhaba.
MBarak Elboukhari & Zaida Karnowski


Travel details

Flights go to Errachidia via Casablanca

Arrival on March 03, 2024

Departure on March 10, 2024

For these two days we offer transfer from and to the airport.

You can find direct flights via Munich to Casablanca at Royal Air Maroc. 

Alternatively, there are very cheap flights from Transavia (Sundays only) from Paris to Errachidia direct! You fly from Paris at around 9.00 am and arrive here in Errachidia around midday. The festival date and pick-up times are coordinated with this. We will be happy to help you book your flights. 

Due to the current situation, we ask you to book your flights with travel cancellation insurance. 

Preliminary program
Sunday, 3.03.2024

Arrival day: Some arrive in Errachidia at night. 

For those who are already there: 
Walk in the desert at sunset, visit to the Gnaua Village here in Khamlia, visit to the women's cooperative, visit to Merzouga, 

Monday, 4.03.2024

8.00 to 10.00 a.m.: Breakfast
11.00 a.m.: Welcome and connection in a large circle
(Ceremony leader: Gordana Nanshee)
14.00: Lunch | Siesta
16.00: Tea and cookies
17.00: Hike into the dunes for sunset and Qi-Gong with Romana Lison
20.00: Dinner
21.00: the fires are lit and accompanied by Gnaua music from MBarak and our friends
dancing, singing, drumming and enjoying the community around the warming fire


Tuesday, 5.03.2024 (festival day)

8.00 a.m.: Yoga with Birgit
9.00 am to 10.00 am: Breakfast
11.00 am: Workshop with Gordana Nanshee
14.00 hrs: Lunch
16.00: Large circle 
20.00: Dinner
21.00: Dance night with Andreas Peter Stadel


Wednesday, 6.03.2024 (festival day)

8.00 a.m.: Yoga with Birgit
9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.: Breakfast
11.00 a.m.: Singing circle with Nika Hollmann, Seelenklang
14.00 hrs: Lunch
16.00: Fashion show (optional), walk in the village, visit to the art studio 
20.00: Dinner
21.00: Gnaua music festival with MBarak & friends 


Thursday, 7.03.2024 (festival day)

8.00 a.m.: Yoga with Birgit
9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.: Breakfast
11.00 a.m.: Singing circle with Nika Hollmann, Seelenklang
14.00 hrs: Lunch
16.00: Walk to Le Berger, afternoon by the pool, hike to the large dune, barbecue 
20.00: Dance night by the pool (Peter Andreas Stadel)


Friday, 8.03.2024 

8.00 a.m.: Yoga with Birgit
9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.: Breakfast
11.00 a.m.: Shadow theater with Annafabuli
14.00 hrs: Lunch
16.00: We ride camels into the desert camp 
5.30 p.m.: Welcome in the middle of the desert with tea and dates
18.00 hrs: We sit on the dunes to watch the sunset
20.30: Dinner in the desert camp
22.00: Gnaua live music by the fire, we dance and drum and sing
23.00 hrs: Overnight stay under the starry firmament (optional)


Saturday, 9.03.2024

6.00 a.m.: Sunrise in the desert
9.00 a.m.: Breakfast until 10.00 a.m.
11.00 am: Walk to our nomad friends
14.00 hrs: Lunch
16.00 hrs: Visit to Merzouga, shopping, visit to the carpet shop 
(Drive to Rissana to the market (optional)
20.00 hrs: Dinner
22.00 hrs: Big final round around the fire


Sunday, 10.03.2024

Departure at 4.00 a.m. to the airport

Festival & Accommodation prices



If you are concerned about your safety, please contact us.

We have information about the current situation.


More accommodation options


Hamad, the founder of the Gnaua group Bambara, has founded a Gnaua Village, which can be reached by foot from our place.

He also rents rooms. There is also the opportunity to study with him and learn more about the origin of this ancient african music.


Everything is possible, from simple to luxurious.

We are happy to make recommendations.


Here is a video straight from the Village:

(in alphabetical order)


Old knowledge - new ways

We connect with heaven and earth, carried by the breath deeper and deeper into our inner vastness and presence. And while we can perceive the sound of oneness in this way, we simply become what we are. In this Cosmic Earth Dance we let our bodies move freely and in this timeless space we feel the song of our soul rising from the depths. I Am. I Am. We Are. One.


One whose songs are like good friends who support us, make us thoughtful and tease out our joie de vivre.

Nika is a mother, songwriter, singer and singing group leader, GfG birth preparer and family companion. She not only has a great voice that carries you away. She is a powerful voice in times of change. One who says yes to living with everything that is.


Energy healer


Romana Lison is an energy healer: her aim is to accompany people into self-determination.  Through her intuitive understanding of body, mind, soul and all other accessible levels, she recognizes the current solutions and which method is right for you. Healing from TCM and shamanism, chakra work or QiGong. She loves her family, her animals, nature and ancient healing knowledge and therefore your path to self-healing. 



I am a holistic sound alchemist and ectasy dj with live didgeridoo and live shamanic voice for the body, mind, and soul!

I assist people to achieve a deeper level of consciousness and perception with strengthening the self-healing powers through vibrations!


Homebase: Goethestrasse 30,
68519 Viernheim, Germany, Earth
Fon: +49 06204 3058638
Mobil: +49 1717269709


Gordana Nanshee is an earth keeper, shaman and builds bridges between the worlds.


She is here to connect people with Mother Earth. She guides you on the paths to your heart to discover your light and beauty. Your soul has eyes that can see beyond the surface. Your heart is able to remember the path of your soul. She will lead the ceremonies and give a workshop at "Golden Sky over the desert".

Mail Attachment.jpeg

Annafabuli Shadow theater 

A. Anna-Maria Schlemmer

In 1999, the Hamburg silhouette artist Anna-Maria Schlemmer founded the shadow theater ANNAFABULI.

Since then she has created about 40 productions. She has already performed in 23 countries with her mobile shadow theater.

She received many awards for her artistic stage designs and gained international recognition. She is a lecturer at the Summer Academy Schwäbisch Hall. She produced a shadow play series for TIDE TV. Her first picture book: "Das kleine Hörnchen" was a great success. At the moment she is working on her silhouette film: "Gaia".



In 2024 she will let the shadows dance with her shadow theater: "Magic Box" at the "Earth Rebirth Celebration II", when it is called: "Golden Sky over the desert", in Khamlia, Morocco.

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