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€ 1.599

Weave your tapestry of life - women's circle in the desert

from 6.09.2024 to 14.09.2024

Group size 5-8 TN

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Weave your tapestry of life - women's circle in the desert

seine Stimme anspricht. (frei zitiert)

We meet in colours. Immersing yourself in the radiant blue of the sky and the golden dunes will change your expanse and vision.

We meet in sounds. There is this wonderful sentence by Milan Kundera: A woman cannot resist the voice of the man who calms her troubled soul. A man cannot resist the woman who responds to his voice. (freely quoted)

This is how we will meet when the place in the desert is on your path.

Weave your life tapestry - women's circle in the desert sends out its omens and has a very special magic. I can clearly sense a few women who will be there, others will join them. There will be 8 women in a circle, sitting by the fire, cooking, finding places to camp, riding camels through the desert and we will hold hands in a circle at sunrise and sunset, as we have always done.


When circles draw circles, when one circle closes, only then does the next one open. The desert is a strong master and we hold the space for it. It doesn't need much, good food, a warm bed and sunshine. You are welcome and can feel at home.


Weave your tapestry of life - women's circle in the desert

from 6.09.2024 to 14.09.2024

I am an old carpet dealer. I love the smell. I love the colours and I love the language of carpets. There is this story that the women from a Berber tribe weave five carpets in their lifetime. It depends on the colours and the meaning of the symbols.

The young woman makes the first carpet for her future groom before the wedding. A year passes between the engagement and the wedding until everything is prepared and everyone is invited to the big celebration, which lasts three days.

With this carpet, she tells him who she is. What she wants from life and what qualities she appreciates in her partner. How she wants to live in the country or in the city. How many children she wants and thus blesses the life that is to come.

To this day, I am captivated by this story when I hear about the fervour and passion with which the young woman weaves her life into the carpet. Which symbol means what and the choice of colours, the indulgence in the colours.

What if we were to weave a tapestry for our relationship with God. In which we describe who we are, reveal our most intimate desires to life and finally replace the groom with God to tell him what we appreciate about him, how we want to sound, how we want to shine, what we want to experience and feel in connection with our soul. To follow the path of the soul in all its beauty.

This is how this retreat comes about. Every time we are with the nomads, I will be taught how to weave rugs and we will be together with the nomadic women and we will weave our God-life rugs.

We will prepare small looms and you will take home your own very personalised tapestry of life to remember, and above all to feel, what you want from life.

All of this will take place in the middle of the desert. We will ride through the desert together with camels, accompanied by Khalid, a son of the desert and experienced camel herders, who will take us to the most beautiful places.

Light a fire every evening, cook and eat together, sing and dance. We will celebrate ourselves, celebrate our greatness.

From April there will be cheap direct flights from Marrakech to Errachidia with Ryanair.

How about arriving in Marrakech on 6 September 2024. We spend two nights there together and then fly together to Errachidia on 8 September 2024.

The return flight from Errachidia would be on 14.09.2024. You could spend a night in one of our friends' riads and fly home comfortably on 15.09.2024.

I can't get the women's circle in the desert out of my mind and who knows what might develop from it. I would be delighted if children were involved!

Cost: €1,599.00

Early-Bird until 13.05.2024: 1.450,00 €

Included are:

Stay in a cosy riad in Marrakech (3 nights in total - 2 nights on arrival and 1 night on return)

We will arrive in the caravanserai on 8 September 2024 and will then spend 3 days in the middle of the desert.

Stay and full board in the caravanserail and in the camp/trekking with camels and own tents.

Everything is included in the price: Transfers from the airport, accommodation and meals in the caravanserai and in the desert, camel trekking, camel guide, guide in the desert.

Flights are to be booked independently:


Germany > Marrakesh 6.09.2024

Marrakesh > Errachidia 8.09.2023 (Flight via Ryanair)

Return journey: Errachidia > Marrakech 14/09/2024

Marrakesh > Germany 15.09.2024

I will be happy to help you with your flight bookings.

This circle calls for women who want to connect deeply with their primal source and stay connected. It is about the warm, feminine aspect. This is why mothers who would like to immerse themselves in the experience of connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky together with their daughters are increasingly being addressed here.

This circle calls for grandmothers who can contribute their gift and wisdom.

Please get in touch to get to know each other.

You are very welcome.

MBarak Elboukhari & Zaida Karnowski 

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