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from € 1100

Magical fairy tales in the desert

from 28.04.2025 to 5.05.2025

5 to 15 participants

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Magical fairy tales in the desert Copy

The well-known storyteller, Michaele Scherenberg, invites you into the desert and will enchant you.


We dive into the magical world of 1001 nights under the glittering starry sky that unfolds all its beauty in the dark firmament. Michaele Scherenberg has the unique gift of tailoring fairy tales to you, she will feel your story, your hidden gifts, your laughter and your tears and transform them into a gift for you. She will wrap it in glittering paper, with words of reflection, with cheerfulness and with her irresistible laughter.


The storytelling seminar will take place from 28.04.2024 to 5.05.2024


The arrival airport is Errachidia, where you will be picked up from the airport on 28.04.2024 at about 23.50 and we will drive together for about 1 hour to the caravanserai in Khamlia where you will be welcomed with an original Berber soup and sweet dates.

Tuesday, 29.04.2024 is arrival day, getting to know the caravanserai, an evening walk to the sunset in the nearby dunes and a fire in the evening.


There is a lot to discover:

  • The Berber tradition

  • Walks through the desert with explanations about vegetation and life in the desert

  • An excursion with camels to a private desert camp with overnight stay and visit to the nomads

  • Gnaua music, an ancient black African healing and trance music. MBarak is a Gnaua musician and the Bambara group is based in the Gnaua Village in the immediate vicinity. We will visit them and, if we wish, we can book a drumming course with Maalem Hamad himself

  • v

    isit to Taouz with old prehistoric tombs and grave drawings


The Khamlia caravanserail serves delicious food, cooked in the traditional way, and you will be accommodated in comfortable mud huts or Berber tents. The Elboukhari family will look after your well-being.

The desert is a magical place full of silence and contemplation of your own heart, as the old saying goes: water cleanses your body, sand cleanses your soul.


Bring along: 

  • A beautiful book like a diary for writing down stories

  • A stone, a necklace that you want to charge with the energy of the desert and take all the memories back with you

  • warm socks

  • a head flashlight if possible

Costs: 1.100,00 Euro

(down payment of €350 / final payment by 31.12.2024 of €750)


  • for accommodation and meals in the caravanserail

  • Airport transfer

  • Camel trekking to the desert camp including accommodation and meals

  • Seminar costs


The best flight connection is with Royal Air Maroc

Frankfurt > Casablanca > Errachidia for approx. 450,00 Euro

(the flights are to be booked independently)

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