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from € 1444

Circles born from circles

(female and male) – from 1.11.2024 to 11.11.2024

8 to 16 participants

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Circles born from circles (female and male) – English

We would like to invite you to experience the desert as a couple, we would like to invite women and men.

"On a full moon night in the middle of the desert under a starry sky, M-Barak and I drummed and Allah planted a seed in our hearts and now this seed is beginning to germinate and grow into a new better world."

Our vision has become a reality thanks to our combined strength and energy.

Here you can find our common mission:

The woman is the bearer, she draws her wisdom, her soft femininity, her ideas, her magic directly from the infinite divine space, from her intuitive connection to her "I am".

The man is the rock in the surf, he draws his confidence in existence, his benevolence, the security for implementation from his natural strength and connection to his "I am".

When this power unfolds between woman and man, mountains can be moved, children are born, projects are brought to life and life and work take on that special magic that we call love.

This is how it was originally meant to be and this is where we will travel with you, we will ventilate our hearts in pure nature, riding camels through the desert for 5 days, in all simplicity and silence. Just as the Berbers and nomads still do today. Put up the tents, light a fire and get up and go to sleep in the cycle of the sun. Completely immerse yourself in the beauty, vastness and purity of the desert.

"We will form circles. Circles born from circles, opening up like a spiral that swings from the earth to the sky and back again.

We envision a synthesis between Orient and Occident. Love is the basis of every religion (reconnection to our origins). Every peaceful action, no matter how big or small, is a thread in the global tapestry of life and thus contributes directly to world peace."

What will happen?

Friday, 1.11.2024

Departure from Casablanca approx. 23.00 hrs, arrival in Errachidia approx. 0.30 hrs, we will pick you up from the airport and drive approx. 1 hour to our caravanserai, you will be welcomed with a warming Berber soup and sweet dates.

(there are currently cheap flights from Royal Air Maroc from Frankfurt via Casablanca to us for around 450.00 euros)

Saturday, 2.11.2024

7.00 a.m. First coffee or tea, fruit and sweets

7.30 a.m. (if you like) Morning meditation, sun prayer

9.00 a.m. Breakfast

10.00 a.m. The circle is opened, organizational matters and sharing round

12.00 Small walk into the village, art studio, Gnaua Village

14.00 Lunch followed by a siesta

16.30 Tea and cookies

17.30 Walk into our dunes for sunset

20.00 Dinner

21.00 Gnaua music by the fire

Sonntag, den 3.11.2024, 

7.00 a.m. First coffee or tea, fruit and sweets

7.30 a.m. (if you like) Morning meditation, sun prayer

9.00 a.m. Breakfast

10.00 a.m. Exchange, exercises adapted to the group.

12.00 p.m. Preparation for our journey through the desert

14.00 Lunch followed by a siesta

16.30 Tea and cookies

17.00 hrs We ride the camels through the golden dunes towards the sunset and to our first sleeping place in the middle of the desert.

20.30 Dinner

21.00 Gnaua music by the fire

We ride our camels through the desert from Sunday, November 3, 2024 to Friday, November 8, 2024.

We will put up and take down the tents, look for beautiful campsites together, read nature, be in silence and get up and go to sleep in the cycle of the sun. (everyone decides for themselves).

We will immerse ourselves completely in the beauty, vastness and purity of the desert. Be still within ourselves.

We will sit in circles and live in community, find peace in our own hearts. Putting everything where it belongs. You are not together by chance or come together by chance. You have a spiritual appointment. Let's pick this diamond out of the dust.

Throughout the journey, the camels will accompany us, the camel herders will be with us and guides to track and read the stars.

(The meal and rest times in the Karawanserail remain the same)

Friday, 8.11.2024

After breakfast we will make our way to our nomad friends, enjoy a delicious Berber pizza there and make our way home to the caravanserail, dinner and evening round in the caravanserail.

Saturday, November 9th, 2024

We stay in the caravanserail, with short walks in the village - an integration day with hours of silence.

That evening we will sit around the fire and close our circle.

Sunday, 10.11.2024

Market day in Rissani, lunch in Rissani and afterwards we can refresh ourselves in the swimming pool at our friends in the Kasbah Le Berger and drink tea.

Monday, 11.11.2024

4.00 a.m., departure to the airport

You will emerge from this trip invigorated and happy.

Would you like to be there?

Your investment is 1.444,00 Euro, for couples 2.800,00 Euro, if you register bindingly until 30.06.2024. (early bird price)

After that it will be 1,555.00 euros, for couples 3,000.00 euros.

This price includes:

  • Airport transfer (there and back at the times indicated)

  • Stay and meals in the caravanserail

  • Accommodation: in our mud huts and Berber tents

  • Camel trekking (6 days, 5 nights) in the desert, including meals and care by us and the guides

  • Drive to Rissani (40 km away from us)

Flights from Germany to Casablanca and from there to Errachidia must be booked independently at the times indicated.

If you would like to extend the trip, please contact us, we can help you with the organization and planning.


The sea of sand above the primeval sea

the cradle of mankind

here you will find your original essence

for which you came to earth.

Radiate out into the world!

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