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Back to the roots

from 11.11.2023 to 21.11.2023

Group size: 5-20 participants

Back to the roots (en)

The great miracle that is happening in these times, that the frequency will continue to increase, that our love consciousness expands, we perceive from our own beautiful heart. Completely different from when perceived from fear or old patterns. We will lift the hidden treasures that are hiding behind your fear or discomfort. These are gifts that are very easy to unwrap here in the desert, surrounded by open people, if we are authentic and present with each other. 

We take our bodies with us into the new world. We are not separate from our mother earth, we are not separate from the cosmic laws. Everything supports us in growing into our true greatness. 

To make decisions for our life that are good for us. We have been sitting at the fire thousands of years ago and we knew what we were getting into with this incarnation. Now is the time to keep our appointments:  To be in the right place at the right time. To hold and support each other. We experience here intensely, the re-encounters of the souls that are arranged here.  

I was born to remind you of this. 

For this purpose, we were given this healing place in the middle of the desert. 

I was born to connect the worlds. 

Do you hear the call?

MBarak and I were born to fulfill the wish of the grandfather, which he whispered to us in the shadow of the ruin:

"Finally since here! This is my house and my place, which I place in your hands. Here I have lived, from what the earth and Allah gave me. This place shall be enlivened. People will come and go. They will return to their homes with a filled heart and bring peace to the world."

When we live with nature, with the sun, the sand, the wind, the fire, the sky, the stars, we enter into the cycle of nature and become creators of our being and working from natural impulses. 

Living in the desert is such a great gift for me, which I want to share with you. To live in the tradition of the Berbers, the simple life makes life easier. In the circle everything will be held, accompanied by the good forces we will soon grow together into a heart community and together we will embark on the adventure and the beauty and silence of the desert. We will be in the desert with the camels for 6 days and 5 nights. Riding from one special place to the next or walking through the desert nourishing ourselves in oases.  Living a completely different life for a few days and feeling connected to the earth and sky and growing into ourselves. Growing into our luminous greatness to leave traces of light. 



Departure from Casablanca approx. 23.00 UHr

Arrival in Errachidia approx. 0.30 a.m.

Pick up from the airport, welcome in our caravanserail, a warming meal


9.00 Breakfast

First circleArrival in the desertSmall hike to the sunset


Preparing for our journey through the desert

14.11.2023 to 19.11.2023

We will ride off in the morning with the camels to our first overnight campsite and will be guided through the desert by MBarak and his Berber friends. Everyone will have their own tent and sleeping bag. We will cook on the open fire and will be provided with enough water and food. We will hike over the high dunes to the Black Desert to the nomads and intuitively choose our overnight places. 


Return to the caravanserail, reflection, visit to the kasbah of our friend with swimming pool and barbecue.


Visit to Merzouga, free time


Departure at 4.00 in the morning to the airport. 

Cost for this exclusive trip: 1.555,00 Euro

EuroEarly Bird price until 1.7.2023: 1.333,00 Euro

We ask you to read our conditions of participation under the imprint on the website before registering. 

This retreat is suitable for you if you like to be in nature, if you want to breathe silence and tranquility, if you are healthy without physical or mental limitations. You should feel healthy and fit. 

To us:

I am an earth guardian. I can feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth, her immense love, her elemental power and her birth into love. We humans can help her by remembering that love is the highest frequency. Every loving, self-loving heart is a shining pearl in the grid that spans the earth.

The vision quest can purify you, show you your gifts into a self-determined life. You are a gift.

The desert has changed my life. It has called me and I have followed this call. Not only the beauty and clarity of the desert changed me, but especially the simple life of the Berbers.

MBarak comes from the wandering Berber people. His grandfather stuck his walking stick in the ground here on our site and settled down. He exchanged the long wandering through the desert for a roof over his head, a warm place by the fire, and fed on what Mother Earth gave him. This feeling of home we would like to pass on to you. Finding home in your own heart and the silence and the vastness of the desert, the simplicity support you in it.

MBarak is a musician. The Gnaua music has black African roots and served and serves the trance of self-healing. In this ceremony (Leila) the instruments tune into the dancing body. This wordless and intuitive understanding will also support you in your processes.

Life begins in the center of your heart - the most beautiful place in the world. Reason is powerless against the expression of love. This is a small truth. Whatever you love, that is you.


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